Discussion #1

1.) "Should Facebook and Twitter Be Regulated Under The First Amendment" was published on Wired magazine's Oct. 11, 2017 by Lincoln Caplan, a Yale legal scholar and author. Then as now, the discussion about foreign interference in the 2016 elections, the proliferation of "fake news," targeted misinformation against specific demographic groups continue. Answer the following questions and be prepared to… Continue reading Discussion #1


‘Monster only at home’

Domestic violence victims forced to suffer in silence Thirty-one years after leaving her childhood home, C. Brennan still feels the physical and psychological trauma left behind by her father, an alcoholic who tormented her, her mother and her siblings. “He was someone who was beloved by his family, and respected socially and in his career,”… Continue reading ‘Monster only at home’


Hearing clinic to offer screening for tinnitus

More than 50 million Americans have experienced ringing in their ears, a condition called tinnitus, in their lifetime, according to a national health study performed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Tinnitus Awareness Week runs through Sunday and the speech and hearing department is offering informative material about how to diagnose, treat and prevent tinnitus,… Continue reading Hearing clinic to offer screening for tinnitus